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by himself. he must have gotten government-backed school loans, former public assistance and let's not derail the good i built it without help story. carson say brilliant medical thinker, but he has intellectual tumors in his mind like a flat tax which is regressive and ignorant wealth inexquality where the bottom 60% own 2.3%. i doubt jesus would tax them equally just as i doubt the gop would entertain a none-white politician with unserious ideas, but carson is enjoying the gop's version of affirmative action where black faces that can spit conservative game get raced to the front of the line because then people get to put a bumper sticker on their cars saying how can i be racist? i would have voted for cars be on which would fit nicely over the bumper sticker that said how can i be racist? i would have voted for cain. no matter how far from the political system they emerge from and no matter how unserious their ideas are because it's all make believe. none of them will ever get a nomination for the presidency just as the gop will never get black votes because the only thing they care about
this is a historic visit for president obama. >> now's the time for the iranian government to take immediate and meaningful steps to reduce tensions. >> taxing more, borrowing more, and spending more is not a path to prosperity. >> republican budget is same baby with a new diaper. >> the republicans are just totally bamboozled. >> we do not have an immediate debt crisis. >> we do have an immediate problem. >> they think they got landslided and they didn't. >> more than half of our members have never dealt with the issue of immigration reform. >>> we start today with all eyes on one of the most volatile regions of the world. as the president prepares to fly to israel just a few short hours from now. and while the president and prime minister netanyahu already have a congested agenda, ranging from the arab spring, to the israeli/palestinian conflict, there was yet another disturbing development today in syria when both the rebels and forces loyal to president assad accused each other of firing chemical weapons that syrian state tv has said killed at least 25 people in the north of the country.
to advocate the cutting of government services. jared, if you were mr. penny's adviser would you by telling him the biggest threat is debt? is that economically true? >> it's not the case, though i'm not sure what i would be telling mr. penny, because i've never advised a coin before, but, no, the -- the debt is in the mid '70s, around 75%, a share of gdp. that's a lot higher than a few years ago. but there's a reason for that, because we had the great recession, and we needed to engage in some deficit spending to offset that demand contraction. historically the debt goes up in periods like this. in world war ii, it breached 100%, then a few years later it was 50%. the debt is expected to start coming down within a few years. over the long term, there are real pressures on the debt through health care costs. that's what i would tell mr. penny. >> excellent. that's very helpful. josh, the president last week was secured on the right for suggesting there was no dead crisis in american. later in the week this is what speaker boehner and paul ryan had to say. take a listen. >> is he right, that
of unity today. more than just a show, because it's in the interest of both parties the karzai government and the u.s. government. for karzai to not just appear to be a leader but to actually be the leader of a functioning, independent, sovereign government on its way to being a country that can operate independent of the u.s. once combat troops are withdrawn at the end of 2014. now, they smoothed over some thorny issues here. one having to do with the transfer of bagram prison which the u.s. had run with 4,000 detainees to afghan control, complete afghan control with consultation with the u.s. to make sure high-value, high-risk detainees aren't involved in prisoner exchanges or simply released. an issue that's come to the fore in the last couple weeks, you know, karen, you've reported it, the comments karzai made two sundays ago when chuck hagel was in town basically accusing the u.s., in fact, accusing the u.s. in working in concert with the taliban against afghan interests. karzai said he is comments were misunderstood. kerry says we're beyond that, we're on the same page, inclu includ
. >> will the federal government begin stealing our money? >> i wouldn't freak outn't the cpc budget coming through. >> did i sound like i was freenging out? >> i'm worried about the millions of people watching this suddenly think there's going to be tax seizures. >> paul ryan has an important job to do. >> i told the congresswoman i wanted to talk to her about her speech at cpac. >> you talked about engaged in, the fact that he has a dog walker, which is now true. >> did the producers of "the bible" hire a man that looks like president obama? >> i said, whoa. >> exactly. >> calling him the devil. >> put it on your screen. >> we're losing this emotional cultural vote. >> your predecessor michael steel said this this morning on "morning joe" -- that's from the editors of the "national review," mr. chairman. >> well, dls other good ones. >> it was off the internet. i think hot gas. >> the fact is, we have to get with it. >> let's get right to our panel. with us from washington msnbc karen finney and msnbc from "the washington post." karen, one has to feel a certain amount of sympathy for paul. he tri
the government doesn't have enough authority to maintain security and protect people's lives. and what happens in these fails states is that you get war lords a and other groups that kill an awful lot of innocent people through this $100 billion a year weapons business, international arms trades. so the world is trying to get together to do something about it. what's standing in its way? a relatively small, grossly overpublicized group, the national rifle association. apparently there are only about 1 million of their 4 million members who even believe any of this sufficient. so that's a tiny number. that's a million compared to, say, 16 million members of president obama's organization. a million, that's way, way less than 1% of the american population. why should they have a stranglehold over issues of war and peace in the world? it is time to confront them and defeat them and remove them from their dominance in our politics. >> i think all of us would say hear, hear to that. julian, to an issue much closer to home, "the new york times" today reports on the nra's efforts to fight legislation
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6